Perforated Sheets

A Leading Manufacturer Of Perforated Sheets

Typical Pitch Configuration
Pitch or centre dimension is measured from hole centre to hole centre.

45° staggered

60° staggered

square pitch

rectangular pitch

A major part of our service work is the supply of perforated plate to the local industry.

Clients are free to specify their own unique requirement, as we offer in house manufacture of perforated plate. Prior to doing so, clients need to take the following into account:

Perforated Metal Check List

  • Material type and grade
  • Hole shape
  • Hole size
  • Pitch dimension
  • Pitch configuration
  • Size of sheet or coil
  • Gauge of material
  • Number of sheets
  • Free area
  • Margins or un perforated areas
  • Ancillary work, e.g. Bolt Hole, Notching, Forming etc



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